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A chequered history, great food and bustling commerce – Surat brings a complex mix of attractions to the table. After a debilitating plague in 1994, Surat, set on the River Tapti, has transformed to being one of the cleanest cities in India, and is in fact a great destination to explore.

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Surat Airport is located at Magdalla, about 11km south-west of the city. It offers flights to and from New Delhi, as well as a few charter flights to other parts of the state of Gujarat.

The city’s main station is Surat Railway Station, which is an important stop on the country’s western railways network. Surat is connected by rail to most Indian cities via Mumbai in Maharashtra. Plan to reach the station at least thirty minutes prior to your train’s scheduled departure time.

Bus services are available between Surat and other major cities in Gujarat as well as other Western Indian cities like Mumbai. Tickets can be booked on several online portals.

Surat has a strategic location off National Highway 8, which connects Ahmedabad to Mumbai. There is usually heavy traffic on this route, since it is one of the main links between west and south-west India, but the eight-lane carriageway is excellently built for travel.