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The Spa at The Gateway Hotel Vadodara offers a bouquet of wellness treatments that recharge your spirits and revitalize your body.


Our spa services are designed to cater to the needs of modern corporates. Each therapy has been crafted keeping in mind the modern work culture and lifestyle. So, relax while our therapists work their magic on your sore muscles and low spirits.

Spa Facilities

Aroma Oil Massage

Grounded in the science of Aroma therapy this gentle, nurturing treatment combines the senses of touch and smell with the use of pure essential oil extracted from a variety of organically grown plants and flowers.

Swedish Oil Massage

Athletes, sportsmen and fitness enthusiast around the world have always trusted Swedish massage as a sure way to ease of fatigues. This classical European massage technique uses rejuvenating seasonal blend of oils to provide a firm and deeply relaxing, calming massage that soothes sore muscles, increases blood circulation and improves the skin and muscle tone.

Olive Oil Massage

Trusted for centuries to keep aging at bay, this technique that is based on the ancient science of Ayrveda uses long strokes and warm medicated oil to stimulate circulation, enhance joint mobility, relieve muscle soreness hydrate skin and speed up detoxification. This includes a steam bath to further facilitate absorption of the medical oils.

Thai Massage

This modern day massage incorporates traditional Thai techniques resulting into a wonderful treatment for those who prefer an option to the usually oily-free Thai massage.

Head Massage

Champi is as old as the traditional healing arts of India. This is a strong massage with the combination of fast strokes and application of pressure on the trigger points on the head to induce relaxation. Recommended for quickly busting stress.