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The Gateway Hotel Beach Road Calicut

Weddings and Social Occasions

At The Gateway Hotel Calicut, we understand that weddings are the most special occasion for anyone. And that's why, we take extra care to ensure that your wedding party is truly memorable. Apart from offering you the best venue, we also provide you with a highly experienced staff. Equipped to take care of everything. From theme set-up to photography to catering services and entertainment.

Social Occasions

The Gateway Hotel Calicut is an ideal venue for informal parties and get-togethers. But it is our unmatched hospitality and 24/7 service that ensure your party is a memorable one.


Wedding Themes at The Gateway Hotels

Mahendhi, Receptions, Engagements, Wedding, Ceremonies.

Catering at the Gateway Hotels

Multi Cuisine

Facilities at The Gateway Hotels

Accomodation for Weddings