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The Gateway Hotel EM Bypass Kolkata


One thing that really impresses travellers about Kolkata is how passionately people have preserved the intellectual culture here. In the lanes on this city, you will come upon several clubs, addas where people have intense, scholarly discussions over tea. It becomes quite clear why it is known as India’s cultural and intellectual capital. This former capital of British India is studded with colonial architecture. Fast developing into a modern InfoTech city, it stretches along the eastern bank of the Hooghly River.


Victoria Memorial

Built in the Italian Renaissance in the Saracenic style, Victoria Memorial was planned by Lord Curzon and opened by the Prince of Wales in 1921. Dedicated to Queen Victoria, this was a British's attempt at building another Taj Mahal. It’s debatable whether or not they were successful, but it is definitely made with exquisite detailing and houses a fantastic collection of rare memorabilia from the colonial days.

Nicco Park

This park is an important part of sightseeing in Kolkata. After all, it is the Disneyland of West Bengal. One of the many amusement parks in Kolkata, the Nicco Park is full of fun games, rides, and several other entertaining features. It sprawls over an area of 40 acres and is known to be one of the biggest amusement parks in the east.

Kolkata City Centre

Once a vacant wasteland, City Centre Salt lake has been transformed into an Indian lifestyle landmark. It stands proud as an icon of change for the city that is, at times, said to be living in the past. It is a comprehensive mix of retail that marks the integration of market and community. It showcases the signature architecture of the legendary Charles Correa.

Science City

Largest science centre in the Indian subcontinent, Science City is a fun way to gain knowledge. It houses a space theatre, a space flight simulator, a recreated Jurassic forest, an aviary and a butterfly corner. So choose your thrill and be sure to return wiser.

Swabhumi Heritage Park

One of the places to see near Kolkata is the beautiful Swabhumi Heritage Park. It is a true embodiment of Indian culture, elegance and charm and is one of the busiest hubs of Kolkata.

Kalighat Temple

Located in the southern part of the city, it is one of the holiest shrines for Hindus. It is said that this was the site where goddess Parvati’s toes from the right foot fell. The temple finds mention in documents as old as 15th century Mansar Bhasan.