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The GateWay Hotel Fatehabad Road Agra


Relax and revive your senses with the help of our well-trained therapists and their award-winning techniques. Whether you’re looking for an intense massage or a mild treatment to relax your strained muscles, The Gateway Hotel Agra is equipped to cater to all your needs.



This is a vigorous massage technique typically used by Indian wrestlers. It is highly recommended for those who indulge in intense workouts. You can experience this powerful massage with either our signature aromatherapy spa oil or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can opt for the pungent mustard oil which is believed to be extremely good for skin and aching muscles.


Just as the name suggests, this massage is known to release tension and help you discover a state of tranquility.


Lift your spirits while you revive your inner vitality with this energizing massage.


Discover an invigorating experience. Using exotic spices and herbs, this treatment has been developed to relieve muscular tension and improve blood circulation. The treatment consists of gentle exfoliation using herbal scrubs, a heat stimulating wrap and a revitalizing massage.


This is a unique spa treatment that works to detoxify your body. You can think of it as a three-step purification system that starts with a lymphatic drainage massage followed by a wholesome cleaning scrub and a plantain leaf wrap.