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From holistic treatments to scrubs, wraps and massages, the spa has a variety of signature experiences to choose from. They combine the essence of traditional wellness and therapeutic experiences,offered by professional therapists using exclusive natural products in a fresh and harmonious setting.


The Spa offers body scrubs , wraps, massages whereas the salon offers facials, manicures , pedicures, haircare and personal care.

 Spa & Body Therapy Serivce at Taj Hinjawadi Pune-4x3
Body Therapies

REJUVENATE Duration: 60 Mins | Rs. 2200/- A strong muscular deep-tissue massage using a deep tissue blend, to relieve muscle aches, unknot deep seated tension and help stimulate blood circulation. RELAX Duration: 60 Mins | Rs. 2200/- Evoke deep relaxation with a gentle massage using a relaxing blend which soothes calms, refreshes and brings about a sense of inner serenity. RESOLE Duration: 60 Mins | Rs. 1000/- A soothing massage on the soles of your feet to relieve pain and stimulate reflex zones RELEASE Duration: 45 Mins | Rs. 1200/- A relaxing back massage with a choice of blend as per your concern and preference. REVIVE Duration: 30 Mins | Rs. 1000/- A relaxing and stress relieving experience which also nourishes vitalizes and strengthens the hair and roots

Spa & Therapies at Taj Hinjawadi Pune-4x3
Body Scrubs & Wraps

PURIFY SCRUB & WRAP Duration 60 Mins | Rs. 2500/- Experience a thorough exfoliation with a sand scrub made from Green tea, Mint and Triphala extracts. Feel soft, fresh and revived. ENERGIZING SCRUB & WRAP Duration 60 Mins | Rs. 2500/- An invigorating scrub blends the stimulating properties of Shatavari, Ashwagandha and Aloe era to remove dead cells, stimulate new cell growth and soften skin. Create a natural glow and luster which revitalizes your entire body, leaving it toned and smooth. Beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin.

Royal Spa Treatment at Taj Hinjawadi Pune-4x3

FACIALS SIGNATURE FACIAL Duration: 90 min | Rs. 3000/- RADIANCE FACIAL Duration 60 Mins | Rs. 2200/- NOURISHING FACIAL(For dry/dehydrated skin) Duration: 60 min | Rs. 2200/- SOOTHING FACIAL(For normal/sensitive skin) Duration: 60 min | Rs. 2200/- DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL (For oily and acne prone skin) Duration: 60 min | Rs. 2200/- ENERGISING FACIAL Duration: 30 min | Rs. 1100/- MANICURE & PEDICURE CLASSIC MANICURE Duration 60 Mins | Rs. 700/- CLASSIC PEDICURE Duration 60 Mins | Rs. 800/- WAXING & THREADING WAXING Ensuring the highest quality of hygiene, we offer waxing services to remove unwanted hair and dead cells, leaving your skin smooth as silk.

Salon & Hair Spa Service at Taj Hinjawadi Pune-4x3

Restore moisture and nutrients to your hair with one of our specialized prescriptive hair treatments. ENERGY Duration 60 Mins | Men -Rs. 1100/ Women – Rs.2200 Maintain healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss. REMOVE Duration 60 Mins | Rs. Men -Rs. 1100/ Women – Rs.2200 A gentle spa treatment for hair and scalp to eliminate dandruff. REPAIR Duration 60 Mins | Rs. Men -Rs. 1100/ Women – Rs.2200 An intensive spa treatment for damaged hair due to chemicals and pollution. REGULATE Duration 60 Mins | Rs. Men -Rs. 1100/ Women – Rs.2200 To regulate oily scalp, leaving the hair with body and shine. HYDRATE Duration 60 Mins | Rs. Men -Rs. 1100/ Women – Rs.2200 To hydrate the dry hair by balancing and restoring moisture content.

Spa Facilities

Two single treatment rooms, a unisex gym, separate wet areas for men and women with lockers and steam rooms,swimming pool and a salon with 6 workstations.

Whether it be full body massage, a back massage or a foot massage , our signature treatments are certain to relax yet energize you.

Reinvigorate with an hour long body scrub and wrap or merely exfoliate for a fresh look.